Immersible Pumps

The immersible motor can operate in flooded conditions, submerged up to 30 feet, for up to a two-week period. The proven concept combines safety of a submersible with the ease of maintenance of an off-the shelf motor.  The basic design incorporates a premium-efficiency, inverter-duty TECB (totally enclosed, blower-cooled) motor. If the motor becomes submerged, the blower shuts down without affecting the main motor. While submerged, the media cools the motor just like a true submersible. A special conduit box is used to prevent water leakage into the motor. The motor is designed to prevent infiltration of water along the shaft and into the motor using a patented hydro-seal design.


Available on a range of pumps with discharge sizes from 4″ to 30″
Withstands up to 30′ subergence
Can be submerged up to two weeks
Available on N, NN and NH series pumps


Features and Benefits:

Ease of maintenance and serviceability
No level controls, monitors, recirculating pump or piping needed
Excellent efficiencies
No cooling jacket necessary
Designed to run submerged for limited time periods
Lower thrust due to bearing frame which means longer bearing life
The shaft penetrates the bottom only and is sealed using a triple redundant sealing system


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