Willsoon Rental – Ballasting and Loading


Project Description: Our client needed to load on a very huge 1000 tonne equipment on to a transport barge for shipping. Balancing the transport barge during loading and unloading (ballasting) is a crucial and a highly risky task. Multimillions of dollars are at stake, therefore getting a professional, reliable pump ballasting company like Willsoon will make sure your task is done effectively and efficiently.

Equipment Needed:

5 units Rental of SPP 6” Auto priming vacuum assisted centrifugal ballasting Pump Driven by Diesel Engine -

Model: GP150M-60 (6”)

Capacity: 300 m3/hr

Head: 17 m

Solids: 52 mm

Pump Speed: 1800 rpm

Power: 27 Kw

Driven By: Diesel Engine

Mounted on: Trolley

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