Willsoon Jetter + Vacuum Tanker Combi Unit

Willsoon Jetter + Vacuum Tanker Combi Unit is trailer mounted and is a “must-have” for all sewer maintenance contractors; 2 in 1 unit; mobile; can be mounted on any trailer. For Jetting and Vacuuming of sewer lines, once Jetting water is spent, debris and sludge from sewer floor can be vacuumed up.

Debris/Water Tank
Size: 13,500 Lit
Material: Stainless Steel 304
Rear Door: Hydraulic powered opening with two (2) manual hand wheels , 1 x 4″ ball valve at door for discharge/suction
Tank Body: Vacuum safety relief valve for tank, Glass Sight Eye for tank, Sludge Overflow Cut Off Valve provided at top of tank, 1 x Man hole.
Operation: One at a time operation (Jetting or Vacuuming only)
Tipping: Hydraulic powered tipping up to 30°

Vacuum Pump
Type: Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Rating: Continuous operation at 8 meters of water vacuum
Flow Rate: 600m3/hr
Vacuum Limit: 100mbar absolute
Material: Cast Iron

High Pressure Pump
Type: High Pressure Plunger Pump
Wet Material: Stainless Steel 304
Flow Rate: 400 lpm
Pressure: 200 bar

High Pressure Gun
Type: Gun for high pressure cleaning
Length: 6m hose
Flow Rate: 50 lpm
Pressure: 110 bar

System Driver
Type: Diesel Engine
Running Time: Max 2 hours on full fuel tank
Brand: Cummins China
Comes With: Air Intake System, Exhaust System, Cooling System, Control System, Battery and cable
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