Willsoon Ship Side Water Blasting

  Woma high pressure triplex pump driven by Volvo Penta diesel engine.

This pump can blast anything off a ship side, with 1000 bars of pressure and almost 230KW of raw power, nothing can stand in its way.

This is a video sent in from one of our satisfied customers.

Instead of using the normal method of sand blasting to service their ships they switched to water blasting instead.

Water blasting is considered a more environmentally friendly way of heavy duty cleaning.

Technical Specifications

Model: 325 Z P30

Pressure output: 1000bar / 14,500psi

Pressure input: 2 bar

Flow Rate: 130 l/min

Power: 234 KW

Driven by: Volvo Penta Diesel engine TWD 1210G 283KW/1800rpm

Cooing system: water tropical radiator

Starter: DC24 volts electric started motor Filters: Oil/Fuel/Air

Speed: 1500rpm

Accessories: Dump Gun

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