Hot Oil Pumps

Most of Cornell’s W, Y, RB and H series clear liquid pumps can be used in hot oil applications, allowing for flows up to 7,000 GPM and heads up to 540′.


Features and Benefits:

  • Uniform thermal expansion
  • Ductile iron and stainless steel construction also available
  • External balance line for lower seal box pressure, particle removal, and reduced axial loading
  • Vapor suppression line to help eliminate flushing of water-entrained oil
  • Handles temperatures up to 550 °F
  • Oil-lubricated bearing frames
  • Replaceable wear rings and shaft sleeves
  • Fully-machined impellers
  • Heavy-walled castings
  • Two-year warranty
  • Low cost of repair
  • High efficiency

Hot Oil Pumps

Enhanced vapor handling and improved sealing technology are central to Cornell’s latest hot cooking oil pump innovations. When fresh product passes through a fryer, water tends to travel along the bottom of the fryer in a liquid phase at 392°F (200°C), until it reaches the pump suction where the action of the impeller breaks up the water into smaller droplets that flash into steam. Ordinarily, entrained steam would impair the pump’s head and flow, but Cornell’s innovative anti-cavitation system prevents this situation


Model Discharge Suction Solids Handling Data Sheet
1WC 1″ 1.5″ .25″ DS_1wcCL pump
1.5WH 1.5″ 2″ .28″ DS_1.5WH
2.5H-CC 2.5″ 4″ .41″ DS_2.5H-CC
3HA 3″ 6″ .5″ DS_3HA
3RB-F 3″ 5″ .5″ DS_3RB-F
4HH-CC 4″ 6″ .62″ DS_4HH-CC
4RB-F 4″ 6″ .84″ DS_4RB-F
6HH-CC 6″ 8″ 1.22″ DS_6HH-CC
6RB-F 6″ 10″ 1.31″ DS_6RB-F
6YB 6″ 10″ .75″ DS 6YB-S
8H-CC 8″ 10″ 1.25″ DS_8H-CC
8H-F 8″ 10″ 1.25 DS_8H-F
10RB-F 10″ 10″ 1.25″ DS_10RB-F
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